Azores 22 October at 8:02 AM 0 comments

Photo by Guillaume Baviere from Helsingborg, Sweden, CC BY 2.0

Just scrolling across the Maps app on my computer, and I notice some small islands in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean. Normally, I'd think nothing of it. Tiny islands, almost certainly uninhabited. 

Still, I was curious so I thought I'd look up one of the places I could see on the island - Ponta Delgada, which lead me to a Wikipedia article. So I read through, and apparently it's the largest settlement in Azores - nine volcanic islands in the Atlantic, and in fact part of Portugal, despite being roughly 550 miles away from their coast. 

I was expecting somewhere uninhabited, and instead what I found was somewhere with a population of nearly 250,000.

Photo by Feliciano GuimarĂ£es - originally posted to Flickr as Ponta Delgada, CC BY 2.0

Azores is impressive - there's some downright stunning views and it's somewhere I'd love to go one day. What really impresses me though, is the idea that such a community and such a society can exist. A place that's so distant from other places, that only recently could've been better connected through technology. 

Despite it being so remote, it has a strong agricultural industry, primarily focused on dairy farming but also livestock ranching and fishing. 

More recently tourism has become integral to the success of the archipegalo, which is hardly surprising, but it still blows my mind to consider that so many places like this exist that I and many others would know nothing about, had I not stumbled across it by pure chance. 

Spotify Light Theme 02 October at 10:21 AM 0 comments

Ever felt Spotify would feel better if it was lighter? Maybe it's just me. I like light themes with air. 

Well it exists now. Take a look at Spotio.

What's Your Favourite Country? 25 September at 10:49 PM 0 comments

A question I really love to ask people is: What's your favourite country? Where would you go if you could go anywhere in the world? 

People usually follow this up with "the country I'm living in", or "do you mean to live or to go on holiday or what?". Honestly, I don't really like these answers. 

I like to hear something interesting. I want them to make me consider a country I've never heard of or been to before. I don't really like the distinction of liking a country for living or tourism either, but then I have some fairly crazy ideals. 

But then, perhaps this is all because I hope to make a list of places I can one day go to, and people telling me the United Kingdom - that is to say, the country I'm already in, isn't all that interesting.