Windows 10 Free Upgrade Still Works 12 August at 8:29 AM 0 comments

As I had previously suspected, Microsoft didn't actually end the Windows 10 free upgrade for Windows 7 / 8 users. Sure, the annoying notification is gone and you're not presented with the option to upgrade automatically anymore, but it's still possible.

How? Download Windows 10, burn to a CD / USB. Boot from said CD / USB, then input your Windows 7 / 8 key. It'll install, reboot and it'll be activated as Windows 10. 

Didn't manage to grab a copy of Windows 10 yet? That's fine, Microsoft has one here

So really, the free upgrade is forever - Microsoft would rather you ran Windows 10 than didn't. Unfortunately for them I don't run Windows. Still, for those who do I'm sure this is appreciated. 

Freedom in the US vs the UK 11 August at 1:57 PM 0 comments

As much as I love to complain about my home country and its many issues, there was a very interesting discussion on Quora which I'd recommend reading:

In which country do you feel the most free: the USA or the UK?

Apple Needs a Graphics Amplifier 10 August at 10:16 AM 0 comments

Have you seen the new Razer Core? In short, it allows you to connect an external GPU of your choosing (think the latest Nvidia card) to a laptop (i.e. theirs).

Why is this important? In most cases, the weakest link with a laptop versus a desktop is almost always the GPU. Laptops have powerful quad core CPUs, plenty of RAM and fast SSDs. What they need now, is better graphics performance, and it's perhaps the only thing making an (admittedly upgradeable) desktop PC obsolete. 

I hear you say, "But Joel! I like being able to upgrade my desktop!". That's a valid point, but as the rate of processor improvements slows (consider the last few generations of Intel chips - only a few percentage points faster than the previous ones), and with PCs shipping with plenty of RAM and fast storage, and with external storage readily available, the desktop simply doesn't have the appeal that it once did. 

As I've said via various channels before, I would not be at all surprised if Apple discontinues the Mac Pro. It hasn't seen an update in 3 years and I honestly suspect it didn't sell as well as Apple had hoped. There's also rumours suggesting that thermal issues could be in the way of any real advancement, and quite frankly, I suspect the primary target user of the Mac Pro isn't interested. 

I think the best way Apple could advance their technology now, is to instead invest in their laptop line, but start offering some more powerful graphics solutions.